March 10, 2017 - 9:30 PM

Harlow's Pub - Peterborough, NH

* 21+ * – * $8 * – * *

“Sometimes a record really can wake you up from whatever slump you’re in, and make you feel refreshed. For an amateur of New World music like myself, Shokazoba is perfect; the band’s music is succinct, exciting, and new and makes you want to listen to the genre for a deeper understanding…” – CMJ

Shokazoba began in 2005 as a Fela Kuti tribute project. They now produce original work, aiming to inspire greater human awareness through conscious, funky, dance music with progressive, topical lyrics. Shokazoba performs top quality, high energy music designed to move your feet, energize your mind, and simulate your soul. They’re pumped and primed to shake the foundation and rattle the rafters and we can’t wait to see you all there! Come get some… 🙂

“With a groove so funky you can smell it, they blend several different genres in a mixer and leave the listener convulsing to the sounds. From Jazz to Funk to an addicting West African beat, they have developed a wonderfully unique soundscape that fits perfectly with ​the inspiring message the band delivers.”