March 17, 2018 - 9:30 PM

Harlow's Pub - , NH

St. Patrick’s Day, any day of the year. That’s what you can expect from Rebels of the Sacred Heart. We select the best songs from across the board of Irish vocal pub and punk music and give you a night to remember (or forget, as the case may be). Traditional instrumental is great. . . but that’s not us. Oh, and everyone in the band sings. More importantly, the room will get more than involved. Our sets have been built to include convivial drinking games, and the band encourages folks in the crowd to sing along and keep the bar busy. While the band stays in firm control, we want everyone to feel like part of the show. In our band is the depth, poetry, and a hard reflection of history in the songs as well, but it never loses sight of having the best time possible. Come join us sometime, and have a pint! You’ll be glad you did.