December 7, 2018 - 9:30 PM

Harlow's Pub - Peterborough, NH

Michael Francis McCarthy is an American roots musician based in Jacksonville, Florida. Born in South America and raised in the rural north, over the course of a quarter century he has absorbed Bolivian folklore music, bluegrass, thrash metal, early jam like the Dead and the Allman Brothers, Delta blues, Appalachian folk and old-school country influences.

McCarthy has lived and worked in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Pensacola, music mecca Austin TX, hippie haven Boulder CO, downtown Boston, New Hampshire, Guatemala and Ireland, the land of his ancestors. He now gigs locally in North Florida and tours regionally throughout the year.​

A lifetime of musical wandering has resulted in a vision of American roots music that is both original and traditional, recombining branches
of the Pan-American roots music tradition in live shows featuring dense acoustic slide guitar, powerful vocals, carefully-selected covers and honestly-wrought originals​​.

“This is an “outernet” kinda thing. I’m not trying to get famous. You probably won’t see a ton of internet activity from me. If you know me, it’s probably because you go out for local live music in North Florida. I sing to people in my community about life with as much integrity as I can. I work for myself, on my own schedule. I pick the songs, book the shows, drive the van, load the gear, hold down the rhythm, play bass lines, pick melodies and communicate a message of my own choosing. I support myself and my loved ones by playing the music I love the very best that I can. I view this as a vocation and as trade work. I walk into rooms all over Florida with a bunch of tools, plug them in and do what I do. I earn a working class living and I’m proud of it.” – Michael